Matanja is an outstanding expert in the field of procurement law. His vast experience in complex matters and matters of high value make him the attorney of choice for many large organizations. Matanja’s focus on sustainability and all phases of the lifecycle of property is highly valued by his clients.

Attorney since 2005

Matanja is well acquainted with the details of the purchasing process across various sectors, including IT, care, transport and construction, acting on behalf of contracting authorities and tenderers. Matanja has enjoyed a high rate of success on behalf of clients such as the Dutch government, the Land Registry Office, various local councils and GSN (a collaboration between ABN AMRO Bank, ING and Rabobank).

Matanja is co-author of ‘Tekst & Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht’ published by Kluwer and ‘Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht’ published by Sdu, the standard texts on procurement law.

He provides courses on purchasing and procurement.


t: +31 6 46 59 38 90